The Single Way lighting circuit is the simplest of the lighting circuits and consists of a source, a switch and a bulb.

A single pole switch is the simplest form of electrical wiring. When the switch is in the ON position, it completes the circuit and supplies power to the lighting fixture, when the switch is changed over into the OFF position then the power is removed from the lighting fixture.

How to replace a single pole switch

1. Turn off the power to the circuit at the MCB or Fuse

2. Double check that the power is off

3. Remove the switch cover (this has the switch built into it)

4. If it is a single pole it will have 2 wires and the earth connected to it

5. Remove the wires form the existing switch and connect them to the new switch

6. Replace switch and cover on to the back box.

7. Turn the power back on.

8. Test that it works




Installing a new light and switch.

1. Run a suitable rated cable for, from the fuse board (* or an adjacent ceiling rose) to the light fixture or fixtures.

2. Run your switch cable from the light fixture to the switch location

3. Install the back box in the wall

4. Make the connections at the switch (marking the switch return which will be black/blue with red tape) Red/Brown to the COM connection and black/blue to the A1 connection - be sure not to strip back more than 10 mm off the end of each wire

6. Install the ceiling rose on the ceiling and wire as per the diagram above.

7. On completion of the ceiling rose wiring install the light fixture connecting reb/brown to the Switch Live termination and Blue/Black to the Neutral terminal. Then if the cable from the light has one connect the green/Yellow to the earth terminal - be sure not to strip back more than 10 mm off the end of each wire.

8. Now connect the cable end into the consumer unit or adjacent light fitting again be sure not to strip back more than 10 mm off the end of each wire (Please note if the cable end is going into consumer unit the power must be isolated by turning off the main switch at the consumer unit, if the cable end is connecting into an adjacent ligthing fixture then the circuit breaker of fuse must be isolated)

9. Power up by turning power back on at the consumer unit or replacing the fuse or Circuit breaker, now turn on the switch and you lighting fixture should now work.

D i s c l a i m e r

Whether you're starting a fresh or a competent electrical person, be sure to read and study the following pages, , if you have further questions please consult a qualified electrician, it's better safe than sorry -

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